Thursday, 15 March 2012

*Benefit Cosmetics: Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW!

I love Benefit - I think it is safe to say that I have confessed this before - so you can imagine my absolute delight when I was asked to attend the launch of the brand's new (and very first) liquid foundation, Hello Flawless!

This is the missing product in the Benefit Cosmetics range, and it certainly is long awaited. In the past, I have used their 'PlayStick' foundation in 'Paper Dolls' and, as brilliant as it was - it covered really well, defined my face and made my skin look smooth - it was incredibly thick and unfortunately became too much for me, and so we eventually parted ways... But when I found out about Hello Flawless, I couldn't wait to give it a try!

I travelled down to London on Tuesday for the event, which was held in the Private Dining Room of Rhodes Twenty Four, and what an incredible building it is! The theme of the night was 'Lift Off to Complexion Perfection', and it certainly felt like that is what happened. We were high up on the 24th floor which had ceiling-to-floor windows the whole length of the room; I felt like we  were part of London nighttime skyline.

Mini cakes - both cute and delicious!

After meeting and having a quick chat with other lovely fashion and beauty bloggers, we were given a presentation as to what makes Hello Flawless so special. Firstly, and what I think is most important, it is SPF 25 PA+++ (I'll be completely honest, I didn't realise this existed!) This means that this foundation helps protect against UVA and UVB, and the three stars - or 'plusses' - means that it reaches the highest level of protection; something I'll definitely need once the summer months come! It also contains Vitamins C and E derivatives which prevents signs of aging - something that women of all ages should think about, not just the over 40s as many believe!

The make-up is oil-free and helps towards a 'plumped-up effect' through its cellular respiration boosts, leaving your skin looking healthy. It gives a light to medium coverage, and this is something I have grown to value. In my opinion, Benefit make-up can be quite heavy, so I was certainly intrigued to see what this new venture would be like.

Lisa Potter-Dixon, Head Make-Up and Trend Artist (and Brow Expert), gave us a quick demonstration as to how to achieve the 'flawless' look. Firstly, as every girl knows, moisturise! Secondly, use a primer to even out the skin; we were shown The Porefessional. I do have some problems with my pores and have never tried using primers so I was very excited to see that we would get to have a little try of this. I put a little bit on the back of my hand and I could instantly tell how this product would make your skin smooth. A 22ml tube retails for £23.50 but I definitely think it will be worth the investment. But if you'd like to give it a try first, then a small sample is included with Hello Flawless as a Beauty Bonus!

Prep and Prime!

Hello Flawless is available in nine shades; three light, three medium and three deep. To find your shade, Lisa said to test a small patch on the side of your chin (as shown below).

Finally it was time to apply the foundation. Lisa recommends using foundation brushes and I must say, I am convinced that I need this tool in my make-up kit! Hello Flawless seemed to be applied quickly and evenly, leaving skin looking dewy and refreshed.

So, then it was our turn to find out match! I found mine in the form of "Believe in Me", and ivory shade which is the palest of the selection. But one of the great features about this foundation is that it is buildable, so you can make it as heavy or light as you need or wish, so I was very happy with my shade. Initially I pumped, what I thought was a small amount on the back of my hand and rubbed it in - only to find I had pumped too much! Proving that, just like many other Benefit products, you only need a small amount, meaning the product will last you a long, long time - quality for true value for money.

Nine shades: 'Believe in Me', 'I'm Pure for Sure' (Ivory), 'Cheers to Me' (Champagne), I'm so Money' (Honey),
'I'm all the Rage' (Beige), 'Warm Me Up' (Toasted Beige), 'I'm so Glamber' (Amber), 'I'm Hopelessly Hot' (Hazelnut)
and 'Gotta Know Me' (Nutmeg).

This dollop of 'Believe in Me' covered the whole back of my hand!

I have yet to try Hello Flawless properly (I currently have an awful cold and don't want to waste a single drop on tissues!) but I have extremely high hopes for this. Oxygen WOW has been released as a sister product to the top-selling 'Hello Flawless' powder cover-up, and from what I have seen so far, I definitely think this will be another 'must-have' Benefit product! I am very excited about this; finding the right foundation is one of the most important parts of your make-up routine, and I think I may have found my perfect foundation match!

P.S: Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW will be available from 31st March for £24.50 (30ml), and the girls from Benefit are currently touring the country to give personalised make-up lessons; you can see more information here. To see more images from the event, visit the Benefit Cosmetics UK Facebook page here.


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