Wednesday, 7 March 2012

b.right for me!

This winter, I have suffered quite badly with dry skin on my face - more so than usual - and I have been meaning to do a post about this for weeks now but luckily I found a solution and I am so incredibly impressed with the results!

It is common knowledge that skin is affected during the colder months; the changes from freezing cold air outside to warm central heating indoors causes the skin to dry out, leaving it looking red, flaky and, especially in my instance, sore. Although I must admit, another reason for my break out was the fact that I sat practically on top of the fire when I came home from work - it was just so cosy and comfy!

I found that my make-up was increasingly awkward to apply; I use Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse because it is so light and gives great coverage, but this foundation only highlighted the flaky parts. Those first few moments after getting out of the shower were an absolute nightmare too!

It doesn't help that I suffer from incredibly sensitive skin anyway; I don't talk about this and I always try and hide it when possible, but I do have patches of eczema on my body so I always have to be incredibly careful with what I use (the Simple brand works a treat!) - the last thing I want to do is irritate it more!

However, for some reason, my Simple moisturiser just wasn't doing it for me this time; I've always used a Simple face wipes followed by their cleanser, toner and light moisturiser so I switched to the rich variety to see if this helped - but no?! I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to risk trying something new in case it made things worse (even E45 irritates me!).

But then, when my Benefit Cosmetics order arrived from House of Fraser online (I had a voucher from Christmas to use), I noticed that I had received three little samples of their Total Moisture Facial Cream as a little free gift, one for each of the products I bought. I knew that trying this could potentially be a disaster but I thought: "I use Benefit make-up on a daily basis, so the face cream should be fine.... I'll do it!"

And I am so pleased I did! Just seconds after the first application, my skin no longer felt tight and actually quite soft. Yes, it was a little bit red at first but this quickly wore off. The cream itself is so thick that I only needed to use a little bit, and I found that my foundation could be applied a lot easier and didn't highlight the dry areas as much.

So I continued using the cream and after only two days I knew that this had worked so much better than my usual moisturiser which I had been using to try and cure this problem for months - I was genuinely ecstatic!

The great part is, because you only need to use a small amount at any one time, the sample pots lasted for weeks; I received and started using these on 10th February, and I have only just begun using my third pot! Can you imagine how long the full size product would last?

Well, I will be able to tell you that too in the future because I received a pot of this from my excellent mother for my birthday! One of my favourite factors of Benefit is that the products last such a long time; it has taken nearly TWO YEARS for my Coralista blusher to run out, and I use it nearly every day! My BADgal Lash mascara lasts for months at a time, and don't get me started on how much I like their lipsticks! Along with their simply fabulous packaging and fun names, it is easy to see why Benefit has a lot of lovers, including Rihanna - her make-up artist tweeted the singer's love for POREfessional just before The Brits!

Anyway, back to the Total Moisture Facial Cream...

I 100% agree with the consumer testing results!

Little and large...

Incredibly thick cream

After a few days with make-up on... no visible flakes!

I know Benefit may seem expensive compared to other high street brands, but it is so very worth it. If three little 0.3oz samples can last a month, then a 1.7oz pot should (in theory) keep me going until September! And for only £26.50, this is a bargain - well, it was for mother anyway!

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