Thursday, 29 March 2012

One for the Gleeks: Artie

Poor Artie! First Tina leaves him for Mike, then things don't quite got to plan with Brittany S. Piers and now Sugar has chosen Rory before he 'goes home to Ireland'... (Hmm!) But you've got to love him!

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Artie has had some great quotes in the past - I think my favourites have a bit of a hip-hop vibe to them - and so for this week's episode of Glee, he is my chosen 'One for the Gleeks' character!

Artie: We plan on smacking them down like the hand of God.

Artie: I told my parents I only want one thing for Christmas this year: stop friending me on Facebook.
Artie: (About Sam) I like his confidence. But the Bieber cut's gotta go.

Rachel: We're finally getting married.
Artie: When is the baby due?

Sam: Chicken, egg whites, fish-no salmon, oatmeal, brown rice but not after 6pm, no butter or oil, and no soda...
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Finn: That’s all you eat?
Sam: Ain’t no carpool lane to sexy.
Artie: Damn straight.

Jacob: I thought you were a senior.  
Artie: Optical illusion. The chair adds a year.

Will: When I’m sick there’s only one thing that makes me feel good.
Artie: Gin and juice?
Will: Rachel have you ever seen a tackle football game? When they tackle, it hurts.
Artie: And not in a good, Mellencamp kind of way.

Artie: When I was one, my mom showed me the VHS tape of his Mowtown Special, and when he did the moonwalk across the stage for the first time in history, I uttered my first words, 'Hot damn'.

Artie: Brittany was the only person we could find on short notice. We bribed her with Dots.

Artie: I sound like someone put tap shoes on a horse and shot it.

And, because this is a brilliant episode and contains the one and only Miss Britney Spears songs, here's a video! 

P.S: Quotes sourced from here  and here, and the video is sourced from here!


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