Monday, 23 April 2012

Bring on the burn!

Waaayyy back in December/January time, I started receiving press releases at work about a new product in the fitness market that enables women to drop dress sizes four times more quickly than normal without using pills, extreme dieting or starving yourself... enter HotPants!

Being a girl who always wouldn't mind losing a few pounds and toning up a bit (as I eat far too much chocolate than I should!), I was intrigued as to what this product actually was. HotPants by Zaggora are a garment you wear for exercising and they increase your body's natural temperature by 18% more than what an ordinary item of workout clothing would, meaning you use more energy and therefore burn calories more quickly. The result is a weight loss which is four times greater than normal... sounds simply brilliant, doesn't it?! Well, this is what their website says anyway, and it is backed up from testing on women at physiology laboratories; you can see more information about it here.

Over the past month, I have been lazier than what I should have been due to being poorly - zumba just hasn't been the same and I haven't been able to go running - and so I have been feeling a bit sluggish. BUT I am feeling a lot better now and I am ready for a good workout. I ordered my very own pair of HotPants - the capri flares to be exact - to get myself motivated. These are the three-quarter length trousers but there are also shorts and flares (full length leggings) available; the thought of shedding a few pounds faster than usual in a completely natural way was highly appealing - how has this not been invented before?!

To be perfectly honest, I didn't do too much research into this product before buying which is silly, I know - I just saw the figures and was sold! So I didn't really know what to expect when they arrived... And boy, was I surprised! It turns out these fitness pants are actually thick, really thick, so much so that they resemble a wetsuit - can't you just smell the sweat now? 

My plan was to wait until I was better so I could establish a fitness plan which would allow me to keep track of the HotPants' results more easily, but I was just too excited to wear them! So, I gave them a go during zumba last week as a trial run just to see what they were like.

I will admit, I did have some concerns; I suffer from eczema and was a little worried about how the heat would affect the skin on my legs (which is where I am mostly affected), but as I found during and after the hour's workout, I had nothing to worry about!

The pants themselves are made with a Celu-Lite technology lining which is incredibly soft and soaks up the sweat which you produce under your HotPants. One of my concerns was how the garment would feel when you do start sweating like a pig as it can be incredibly gross and off-putting, but I found that you couldn't really feel it at all - I kept touching my legs to check I was sweating but all I could feel was heat! After the hour was over, I was told my legs felt like they were on fire but all I could feel was warm; my legs genuinely did not feel irritated in the slightest. It is not until you take them off that you realise just how much you have sweated!

So now that I have given these a trial and am genuinely delighted on first impressions, I am ready to get into a fitness routine:

Monday: Squash
Tuesday: Running
Wednesday: Zumba
Thursday: Night off (usually I go to bingo with Mother!)
Friday:  Zumba for the Wii, Yoga or Pilates
Weekend:  I'll see how it goes....
+ at least 20 sit-ups and each of the six exercises on the Powerspin every day

I will be taking part in the Zaggora two week challenge to see how much weight I can lose in a fortnight. As of today, my measurements are:

Weight: just over 9.5 stone (according to the Wii Fit)
Waist: 36.25 inches

My goal is to lose at least 5lbs over the two weeks and I will attempt to eat better too, i.e. no crisps and no chocolate (apart from on cheat day, Saturday... of course.) I honestly believe you need a little a cheat as a bit of normality to keep you going ... no really, I do!

Let's see how this goes... wish me luck!


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