Monday, 2 April 2012

My Pinteresting Fortnight (5)

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 Hi everyone!

How has your weekend been? Mine has been absolutely lovely! Myself and the Coddmeister finally celebrated our one year anniversary; we had a meal at The Beach restaurant in Cleethorpes - I had butterflied chicken in napolinata sauce, coated in three cheeses followed by banoffie pie and @ultimatecoddy had a steak with lemon meringue for dessert - it was absolutely delicious! Then we went to see The Hunger Games at the cinema and it really was fantastic, so much better than I had ever anticipated!  Sunday was a lazy day; a lay in and spot of cleaning, then a very brief trip to the pub and a cosy night in front of the telly - absolutely perfect!

Over the past week, I have (sort of) been trialling a new fitness routine and I will be posting about this in a couple of days time. I don't know what it is about the warmer weather but it is very motivating! I also have new outfit and nail polish posts too, so make sure you keep visiting!

Above is just a few of the pics I have been looking at on Pinterest over the past couple of weeks - it is so addictive! If you are on it too, you can follow my pins here!

Have a lovely week! x


  1. Hehe, I too became a bit addicted to Pinterest - so many pretty things in there! I actually tried using a big shirt to make another kind of top before, but it never looks as good as it does on the models for some reason :P I'm following you on Pinterest, great blog by the way! :)

    Silken Spirits

  2. I know, I have yet to try and the shirt/dress thing but I know it's not going to look like that ha! I will follow you back now then, and thank you very much! I really do appreciate you taking the time to look at my blog - I'm so pleased you like it!


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