Monday, 16 April 2012

My Pinteresting Fortnight (6)

This fortnight on Pinterest, I have definitely been into my fashion pins - clothing, shoes, beauty! I have found some beautiful Art Deco inspired pieces which I have fallen in love with, for example, the beaded All Saints skirt and deco Louboutins below (definitely shoe love!)

I need some disco pants in my life!

I have also become very broody - no, not for a baby, but for a little puppy! I love my Sandy pops to bits and lately I have been missing her; she's 14 now and is truly a little old lady who likes her sleep. When I go home to the parents' house, I can guarantee she'll be on her bed, dreaming about cheese (no doubt!) Luckily, myself and @ultimatecoddy get to have the pleasure of Brandy every now and again, but these adorbable pictures of puppies on Pinterest make me want another little baby! I think it is safe to say I am definitely a dog person...

One of my favourite parts of Pinterest has to be the comedy pins, and the other night I spent absolutely aaaages laughing at two of the below; you HAVE to see the images which were taken at the exact right time as well as the newspaper headlines - simply hilar!

And of course, there is the usual chocolate overload; I am determined to make the Nutella Oreo Truffles, and what a great idea for hot chocolate - a chocolate cup! I have a feeling that could get a little bit messy though...

Waaaay back in September, myself and Coddy started to redecorate our flat and got as far as the living room. Now, we have officially decided to revamp our bedroom so I have been spending a bit of time looking at interiors; we have decided to paint our bedroom similarly to the picture below... excited!

A grey and white theme for the bedroom - and the wallpaper art idea!

Pinterest has also been inspiring me to become more crafty, and if I had more spare time and money to buy some bits then I think I definitely would! There really are some fantastic tips about, and without Pinterest, I probably wouldn't have found them!

Finally, a few weeks ago, I started new TLCI boards where I can pin images from this blog; the first pictures onto the TLCI Places board are just a couple from our walk around People's Park in Grimsby - and there are plenty more to be added over the next few weeks!

And that has been it for this fortnight! I am thinking of moving these posts to a Sunday as a nice little round-up at the end of a week... I'll see! I have also decided to use Instagram a lot more - I have used the app literally 60 times since joining 49 weeks ago, I need to step up my game! So be warned, there may be Instagram posts on the way...

If you'd like to follow me on Pinterest, you can do so here. Or, if you're on Instagram, you can find me at @lindsaycowie!


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