Sunday, 29 April 2012

My Pinteresting Fortnight (7)

Well, what a miserable fortnight it has been! Weather-wise I mean; rain, wind, an odd bit of thunder (which I actually don't mind as long as I'm at home and ready to get comfy!) I really hope the sunshine comes back soon! And when it does - and stays - I am ready for a good summer season clothes shop... in the meantime, I've been admiring some lovely little bits on Pinterest! Here's a few pins...

I really, really would like a summer outfit similar to the pin above, I just need to get a good tan on my legs first! I like how laid back it looks thanks to the baggy t-shirt, but still very girly and summery at the same time. And I'd love to perfect the waterfall braid, although I know it would take a good few attempts. 

Just like many people at this time of year, I am dreaming of summer holidays and getting away for a few days. One of my most favourite places that I have been is Rome and I really would love to go back. The pin below, which is on my 'Favourite Places and Spaces' board is of the Trevi Fountain; I first saw this on our first night in the city - it was so beautiful lit up! I'd definitely recommend going to see it at night; it was so much quieter than during the day.

As always, I have been drooling over the sweet, chocolatey goodness in the Food & Drink section of Pinterst, and my own 'Delicious Foods' board has loads of dessert ideas that I need to try.

Of course, I am still on my fitness plan and I have been so good with chocolate (apart from Saturday night when I had a big bag of Maltesters!) In the week, I saw this 'Daily Workout Plan' so as of tomorrow (Monday), I am going to be adding this to my fitness routine. 

I can spend absolutely ages on Pinterest, laughing at the random comedy pins; this one has to be a favourite purely because it incorporates both the brilliant 'Mean Girls' and my future husband Leonardo Dicaprio... perfect!

I have also been going through old posts on my blog to update my TLCI boards; they looks a bit bare at the minute but I will be adding more images very soon...

P.S: If you'd like to follow me on Pinterest, please feel free! My account can be found here!


  1. Some great pics on your blog..

    1. I love Pinterest, I can spend ages looking at the pictures on there! x

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