Saturday, 28 April 2012

My (slightly naughty) fruit smoothie

Last night I was faced with a dilemma... I didn't have any chocolate! Instead of going to the shop (or asking @ultimatecoddy to go for me!), I had a bit of a brainwave and decided to make myself a fruit smoothie but with a liiiiittle bit of naughtiness...

I used the basic recipe from the Activia TLC Plan (which I did back in January) but I had to amend it slightly. On Thursday, I bought bananas, strawberries and raspberries from the market, which I can not rave about enough - these pieces of fruit, salad vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes and onions came to just £6, yes £6! Unfortunately they didn't have any blueberries so I couldn't include these in my smoothie (obviously!)

For one serving, start by chopping up a couple of strawberries, just over half a banana and a handful of raspberries.

Put them into a jug and add the strawberry pouring yoghurt... then blitz! This is the stage where I added a little bit of milk too.

And that is your smoothie done - simples! Now for the naughtiness...

Pour a bit of double cream into a bowl and whisk! (Note: it may take a while if you use a standard whisk like, me - and prepare for your arm to ache!)

Finally, pour it into a glass, add the whipped cream and serve!

A quick, easy, delicious snack... and healthy too! (Minus the cream, of course.)


  1. Now that looks very yummy!

  2. It is! Of course because it was Friday night, I had to add a little bit of naughtiness with the whipped cream! x

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