Thursday, 19 April 2012

One for the Gleeks: Two to go...

I'm afraid this is it lovely readers, we are nearing the end of my OFTG posts! I have just about exhausted quotes from many of the characters but there have been some brilliant gems from characters come and gone, so these final couple of posts will be dedicated to them.

This week, I will be looking at the brilliance that is April Rhodes, trouty-mouth Sam and Lauren Zizes!

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April: Alright fellas, grab a gal! Or, grab another fella if that's the way the good lord made ya!

Puck: Dude, your mouth is huge. How many tennis balls can you fit in there?
Sam: I don't know, I've never had any balls in my mouth. Have you?

Lauren: I want to be like a Kardashian. I want a TV show, and a fragrance. It'll be called "Zizes," and the slogan will be "You just got Zized."

Will: Listen, I gotta run. I've got an appointment to show my apartment.
April: What's this now.
Will: Yeah, so... I need to rent out my apartment and find a smaller place to live... uh... because I'm getting a divorce.
April: Divorce! So you're free to date? And by "date," I mean sleep with people, and by "sleep with," I mean have sex with people - people like me! Kidding. Not really.

Sam: (talking about Kurt) He emailed me like 60 MP3s of him singing and I thought he was Faith Hill.

April: Wait... I smell somethin'. I smell a duet comin' on!

Lauren: Mr. Schue, let me be your Britney! 
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Lauren: Look at me again and I'll break your nuts, and also the candies you gave me they sucked.
Puck: But you ate all of them.
Lauren: I had to make sure they all sucked.

Santana: Better start working on those abs.
Sam: Are you kidding me? You can cut glass with these babies. I have no problem showing off my body.

April: I haven't had a drink in forty-five minutes!

Lauren: I spell woman Z-I-Z-E-S, and I need to be wooed. You understand me? Wooed.

April: I was so jazzed about sobering up and starting a new life, I had to stop at a bar to get a drink just to calm down.

Sam: Chicken, egg whites, fish (no salmon), oatmeal, brown rice but not after 6pm, no butter or oil, and no soda...
Finn: That’s all you eat?
Sam: Ain’t no carpool lane to sexy
April: Well as I live and breathe! Will Schuester? I just had a sex dream about you!
Lauren: If I was a country, my flag would be a big fist giving the rest of the world a finger, and 'I Know What Boys Like' would be my national anthem.

Brittany: I'm super looking foward to seeing Sam in his gold bikini.
Sam: It's gonna be ab-ulous.

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April: Excuse me, do you know where a gal can find a pipin' hot cup of Will Schuester?
Sam: Who is more rock 'n' roll than Justin Bieber? No one. That's who.

April: You know what I call an afternoon where I get drunk? An afternoon!
Sam: Is there a way I could wear some gold board shorts or something? These are really short. I’m afraid I’m going to show off some nuttage.

 P.S: Quotes have been sourced from here, here, here and here!  


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