Monday, 14 May 2012

Bring on the Burn: The Results

Three weeks ago now, I wrote about my new fitness routine and the Zaggora Two Week Challenge. After a pretty abysmal second week, I decided to re-do it and so, seven days late, here is my concluding post... being completely honest, I do not have one!

It wasn't until yesterday, Sunday, when I weighed myself on the Wii Fit and asked Coddy to measure my waist that we realised that there was something odd about the figures. Bottom line; they were just wrong!

Sometimes, we have to plug the Wii board in to the mains as the batteries are not charged and we found that this majorly throws off the final weight and BMI measurements - sometimes by five or six pounds! And so, I don't actually know what my final weight is?! And then, when measuring my waist with a tape measure - the type for DIY - we realised that it hadn't curved to my body properly and that there was no way my waist is 36 inches! And this led to the conclusion that the measurements I stated three weeks ago in my previous could just be as wrong too! So please ignore them - I most definitely am!

But, just so I do not completely waste valuable posting space, I will tell you about my fitness habits over the past three weeks.

Week One: We gave squash a miss but I did go jogging and attend zumba as per. I also did my sit-ups and my exercises on the Powerspin, but still stuck to my eating habits; a bit of chocolate, a takeaway, the usual. I did feel better for exercising, but I knew I had to step things up a bit.

Week Two: I started with the best of intentions but, for some reason, my social life just took off! We skipped Monday's exercises to go bowling and have a (very delicious) pub lunch and ended with a lovely dinner at the local fish restaurant with Dan's family, with naughty foods in between. I did find a daily exercise plan on Pinterest which I was doing each day, but it was Dan's one-day detox, and his great feelings afterwards, that inspired us to really take being healthy seriously.

Week Three: We bought lots of fruit, nuts and vegetables from the market and only ate healthy meals; the only snacks we ate were fruit salads, yoghurts and nuts, saving the naughty foods for Friday, our cheat day. I went jogging and attended zumba, and although I did have a lazy day on Thursday too (it was a bad day!), I definitely made up for it on Saturday - an outdoor fitness boot camp at 0730 hours on the dot followed by an extra zumba session straight after and god, did I feel AMAZING!

I felt so happy and so proud of myself for doing it; it really gave me the motivation I need to keep that kind of lifestyle up... and I am ready for it!

For each exercise session, I wore my Zaggora Hotpants and I still stand my initial impressions; they are fab! Obviously, I can't tell if they helped me to lose any weight BUT it is something I want to monitor, so hopefully I will be able to tell you a better progress report at a later date.

But for now, here's to my new healthy lifestyle - bring it on!


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