Thursday, 17 May 2012

*Bringing the 80s back!

What comes to your mind when you think about the 1980s? The big hair? Mullets? *Retro accessories? Tetris? Saved by the Bell? Some of the best films of all time? (The Goonies - hello!) There so much cheese associated with this decade that people just can't seem to let go of - including the fashion... and the music!

In just under one month's time, the 80s will be brought right to the forefront of people's minds once again with the release of one of the most fun-looking musicals-turned-movies of all time - 'Rock of Ages'! Classics such as 'We built this city', 'Don't stop believin'' and 'Can't fight this feeling' (plus much, much more) will be worming their way into our heads thanks to the likes of Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mary J Blige and Russell Brand - the stars of this new film.

And the timing couldn't be better really, as 80s fashion seems to have made a comeback; bodycon dresses, denim jackets, plastic jewellery, bum bags - wait, bum bags?

Image sourced from here.

Yes, that is a leather studded bum bag worn by Julianne Hough, one of the stars of 'Rock of Ages', behind the scenes of the film. Accessorising a denim skirt and cowboy boots, this is definitely 80s rock chick! And she's not the only celeb to be rocking (get it!) this style - how about Rihanna?

Image sourced from here.

She has definitely been influenced by the era's fashion and has sported a tight perm, oversized blazers, high tops and even shell suit jackets in the past - a fanny pack seemed like the next step! Teamed with double denim, she looks casual, comfortable yet still fab! I've always been a bit unsure of the denim on denim look, but I really like this outfit!

However, this is the 80s we are talking about, so there should be some sort of cool, edgy gimmick.... enter *Fydelity and their range of working speaker bags - including the bum bag!

These are the purple and pink varieties which were kindly sent to me from Truffle Shuffle. All you need to do is put in three AAA batteries, plug in your MP3 player or iPod and boom! Music to your ears... via your bag! How funky would these look at a festival?! I have been trying these out lately and you can see how I got on very soon, so keep an eye out for that post! *wink!*

To be honest, I never, ever thought bum bags would come back in fashion but, judging by the hype that 'Rock of Ages' is generating, and by Rihanna pulling this look off effortlessly on several occasions, then it is bound to be a must-have accessory of the future - as well as the past!

Oh, and we can't forget the men too... LMFAO.

Image sourced from here.

P.S: I may have something very special coming for you lovely readers - make sure you don't miss out on Monday! ;)


  1. Deary me, I hope I'm doing this in the right place! The best thing about the 80's? Sorry to be predictable but it's got to be Dirty Dancing. Hasn't it? :-) Donz

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