Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Adventures of Brandy: Mud bath, anyone?

Since Tuesday was the final day of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee long bank holiday weekend, it was only right to spend our time in a relaxed manner ready for the hectic return to work. So, of course, myself and @ultimatecoddy took the monster out for a long deserved walk! This time, we decided to take Brandy out to nearby Bradley Woods.

Road trip!

I will admit, despite being just outside the centre of Grimsby, I have never really visited Bradley Woods (other than when my dad took me as a child, which I can't remember). All I do know about the woods is that it is haunted by the Lady in Black.

There are many tales regarding the ghost of Bradley Woods, but the most common is the story of a young woman who lived here; her husband went away to war and, whilst gone, she was raped and her baby stolen. Now, she can be seen roaming the woods, looking for her lost family. It is said that if you were to venture in the woods on Christmas Eve and said "Black Lady, Black Lady, I have stolen your baby", she would appear to you... but of course I wouldn't try this on a normal day, let alone Christmas Eve (you never know...)

Luckily, we weren't spooked on this visit and unfortunately, we did not see Melvin - we realised that this may be were he was from! - but I did have a little play with my camera, and here are a few photos.

She loves having a good run around!

She found the mud...

She needed this!

And home...


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