Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Boost Outdoor Fitness

Last month, my friend Emily and I got ourselves into something... and outdoor fitness bootcamp! I received a press release about this new health venture, Boost Outdoor Fitness, and thought it sounded really intriguing - I had visions of us becoming the next Edie and Gabrielle from Desperate Housewives! It entailed a workout on Cleethorpes beach at 7.30am on a Saturday morning (yes, I know!) - even though it was an early start and hard work, it was so worth it!

The Cleethorpes Challenge - Image sourced from here.

After filling in our health forms and obligatory stretching, we started with a jog along the beach before zig-zagging in between bottles of water, more jogging and some exercises such as burpees, jumping jacks, planks, etc. Then, we completed some circuits and jogged and exercised some more... are you worn out yet? We were. This took us to roughly an hour where Em and I called it quits (we couldn't possibly over do it on our first try!) However, the more advanced (and fitter) participants carried on for another hour.

Even though I did find this extremely tough, I felt sooo good afterwards, even with sand everywhere! Luckily, the sun was shining and the view was so inspiring; it really is a completely different feel to working out inside a gym or hall. I just felt so happy and ready for the day ahead, like I really had achieved something. I felt so good in fact, I went to zumba half an hour later for an hour, and then left there feeling even more energetic, if that was possible! I was so determined to go running more - which I have been doing a couple of times a week early in the morning (until last week due to my stupid illness affecting my chest!) - and to eat healthily, really get in shape.

Now, the Cleethorpes Challenge has rolled around again and will be taking place on Saturday, 7.30am. I just hope that the medicine I have received from the doctor helps improve my chest in time - doing practically nothing over the past few days has left me feeling really, really sluggish and I am so ready for a good workout! Let's see if I can manage the full two hours this time...

As well as the Cleethorpes Challenge, Boo, who runs Boost Outdoor Fitness, has a number of other fitness programmes which take place in Lincolnshire; weekly pilates classes, outdoor 'Booty' classes, other extreme challenges and even eating plans, time with a lifestyle coach and time at a relaxing retreat! If you're interested, there's more information on the Boost Outdoor Fitness website and Facebook page.

Roll on Saturday morning!


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