Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Diamond Jubilee Weekend is here!

Jubilee cupcake bought from Bakers Oven/Greggs yesterday.

Ladies, I hope you have your red, white and blue outfits ready, as after months and months of preparation and hype, the Bank holiday weekend in honour of the Queen's 60 year reign is here!

I have really been looking forward to this weekend; I wouldn't call myself a Royalist by any means (you won't catch novety plates lining my picture rails!) but there's something about a Royal celebration that I like - I am most definitely a bit of a traditionalist, I would say.

I do not have any plans as such (other than making the most of the four day weekend, of course!) but I love the idea of neighnourhoods getting together for street parties - lamp posts joined together with Union Jack bunting, mini Victoria sponges stacked on cake stands and servings of Pimms. The fuss, the patriotism, feeling proud of the country (despite its flaws), it's nice - and let's face it, it's not very often we get to do this sort of thing!

Myself, the boy and his family are all planning to head round to our local park for celebrations, and I also can't wait for the big concert organised by Gary Barlow which will be shown on the BBC on Monday; sing along, anyone? (And hello Prince Harry!)

And the good news is, we can stay in the patriotic spirit for the next couple of months ready for the 2012 Olympics! I know these celebrations aren't to everybody's tastes but, fingers crossed, this will prove to be a great year for Great Britain.

Have you all got any big plans for the Bank Holiday? Made any delicious treats or chic decorations?


  1. Although I'm working I'm really looking forward to it also. Loved the royal wedding last year and like yourself I'd describe myself as a traditionalist rather than a royalist xo

    1. It's just nice to have something to celebrate - it's just typical it's raining ha! I hope you have a lovely weekend! x


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