Friday, 1 June 2012


If you didn't see my updates on Twitter on Thursday, then I would like to introduce you to somebody - meet Melvin.

Thursday morning began like any other day; @ultimatecoddy was just leaving for work at 7.15am as I was about to start getting ready when I received a phone call from him: "Lindsay, come to the front window QUICK!" So I ran across the flat to the window and saw... nothing. "Are you having a laugh?!" I said, but he told me to wait. Then, there it was, a deer!

A little deer in our front gardens, running from the front fence around like a mad thing - what?! A fox I would expect. A deer, no!? I didn't know what to do!? I rang the RSPCA but unfortunately they couldn't attend so I tried the non-emergency number for the police who, after taking my details, rang back and said they would get it sorted.

An hour later, nothing. No council, no PCSOs, nothing. We had to put our wheelie bins in front of our drive to try and stop the deer from running into the road (a main road which gets very busy during rush hour traffic, which by now it was!) Of course, it could have easily jumped over our fence so a neighbour called the police back to see what was happening. They said they had contacted the Lincolnshire Deer Association and that they would sort it, so all we could do was wait.

Unfortunately, the neighbours had to go off to work (so did I really!), but I stayed to make sure the deer didn't run into the road and cause an accident - or get hurt himself! The LDA rang and said that usually, they only attend a call out if the animal is injured, but this deer wasn't. Luckily, they said they would come to check and so I waited some more. As time went on, the deer wondered around slowly, eating grass blades and leaves from the hedges and bushes, then the Lincolnshire Deer Association arrived.

After a bit of an observation, they said that there was nothing anyone could do; we simply had to leave him be and, when the surroundings had quietened down, he would find his own way out. I must admit, this felt a bit strange - what if he got spooked and jumped into the road? I felt like I had to watch over him just in case! But I couldn't, so at 10.30am, I left for work...

Of course, I was thinking about the poor deer all day and even found myself thinking of names just in case he stayed a while. The first thing that came to my head? Melvin - god knows why, but it did, and so that is what I named him.

But the sad thing is, I found myself wanting him to still be there when I got home! I know this wouldn't be what's best for him but he was just so beautiful! He really did look like Bambi. As I made my way down my street and to the driveway, I noticed the wheely bins had been moved. I wondered around the grounds to make sure, but Melvin had left.

I actually felt quite sad - I think I had become quite attached in those three hours! It was hard work, keeping an eye on him to make sure he didn't escape through the bush, shouting "Nooo!" when he tried to jump over the fence to stop him (I bet I looked crazy!) and admiring him while he fed on our gardens - but of course, this was for the best. I only hope he's back home and safe.

That night time, I had a phone call from the Lincolnshire Deer Association to ask how he was. I said that he had left and they reassured me, saying that if the deer was comfortable, he might have settled somewhere quiet until it got dark again and then ventured out. I didn't see him but I really appreciate the Association calling back - definitely a very helpful organisation!

When I returned home from work on Friday, there was a note on the floor; it was from 'Melvin'! He said it was lovely to meet me and left his paw hoof print on the paper (Coddy got a bit confused, bless him).

If anybody in the Grimsby area happens to see a little deer running around somewhere, I really would love to know! Melvin definitely added a bit of excitement to my day...


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