Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Pinteresting Fortnight (10)

Unfortunately, I've been stuck at home ill over the past few days so I have passed the time by reading, watching television and pinning!

I finished reading The Great Gatsby on Friday and now I am ridiculously excited about the film - lots of Art Deco prettiness on the big screen, ahh! So naturally, I have spent a bit of time googling and looking on Pinterest for 1920s images and (my favourite) jewellery!

And I also came across this stunning hardback version of the book too which I am dying to get on my shelf! A number of F. Scott Fitzgerald's other books have also been published in a similar fashion so I am going to collect them all - I love pretty hardback books!

I also came across this beautiful office on Pinterest - it just seems so light and airy. When I have my own office, this is what it will look like... more for 'The Wishlist'!

Then of course, there is Art Deco for the home too. I came across these beautiful light bulbs; who would want to cover them up? Myself and DC may have a decorator coming into the flat within the next couple of months and although we have decided on a clean, all white bathroom, I love this shade of purple in the below image. And how fabulous is the teal feather garland?

There has been lovely fashion pins on the site recently; I am loving rose gold, it is just so feminine and pretty but yet can still be elegant. I want the outfit in the below right pin too - effortlessly cool.
The red jacket I am keeping my eye on; I am hoping it will match the outfit I have bought for my friend's wedding next month but to be honest, I'd wear it with everyday clothes anyway! And the aqua Coach bag.... love!

And I've been pinning even more braids, shimmering eye shadows and get-curls-quick images to my 'Hair & Beauty' board.

Ever since March, I have been wanting to get back to London so I can see the city's sites properly, and last weekend's festivities has only made me want to go more! I've also pinned this image of Paris to my 'Favourite Places & Spaces', there's something quite charming about it...

I've had a thing for banoffee since I saw Jamie Oliver make a quick banoffie pie in his 30 Minute Meals marathon on More 4 the other week, and these individual puddings look so cute! I also made this Nutella Hot Chocolate to cheer myself up a bit - it... was... beautiful! And so easy to make.

More DIY craftiness too; how adorable is this lamp stencil? And a cute shabby-chic way to store jewellery.

And finally, I have updated all of my TLCI boards too with images I've taken and published on the blog over the past few weeks; please feel free to take a look!

Happy pinning!

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