Friday, 6 July 2012

Krisp's summery shoes

A little while ago now, my attention was brought to Krisp, a fashion retailer selling clothing, shoes and all kinds of accessories. I had a little peek at their shoe collection and I must admit, a few certainly caught my eye! Since the weather has been somewhat miserable of late (to say the least!), I thought I'd try and brighten up the mood and share some sassy summer sandals with you all - you know, just in case Mr Sunshine comes back! 

Multi-coloured platform wedge - £36.99

Open toe shiny high heels - £27.99

Striped ballerina shoes - £12.99

Gem flower soft lilac flip flop - £9.99

Sling back platform heels - £24.99

Triple layered contrast heels - £29.99


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  7. A short time back now, my consideration was conveyed to Krisp, a design retailer offering attire, shoes and a wide range of extras. I had a little look at their shoe accumulation and I should concede, a couple surely got my attention! Since the climate has been to some degree hopeless generally (without a doubt!),

    Ashley B. Collier


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