Thursday, 19 July 2012

*Scribbler's Graduation Cards

I can't believe it's graduation season AGAIN! This time last year I was blogging about how quickly time had gone since my graduation ceremony the year before...

If you have a friend or a loved one who is graduating this year, then getting them a little something for their efforts is always a nice gesture - all of that coursework and those exams are hard work! (Although granted, sometimes the hard work is due to too much procrastination in the early days... but still!)

Scribbler's have some fun, personalised cards available, one for each type of graduate (I think I'd qualify for 'the shopaholic' card); *here are a few examples!

How to choose an exam congratulations card for a recent graduate
Like this infographic? You can buy these exam congratulations cards and more from our website!.


  1. Ha Ha, I know a few of those stereotypes!

  2. Oh there has to be at least one on every course ha! Thank you for commenting!

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