Friday, 27 July 2012

Toasted marshmallow strawberries

I know I've been a little quiet again recently, but I still don't think I'm quite back to my usual self just yet - I'm enjoying some personal time away from the computer (and hatching new blog plans, mwahaha!) So please bear with me, I really appreciate everyone's support with this blog!

One thing I did do last night was make a ridiculously sickly yet delicious dessert with DC that I saw on Pinterest - toasted marshmallow strawberries! Luckily I had the ingredients at home so I gave it a try.

All you need is...

Marshmallow Fluff and strawberries (I'm ashamed to say these aren't from the market this time!)

And you simply...

And then you...

Delicious! So naughty, but so good!

My one word of warning though is that, if you use a fork, be careful when dipping the strawberry into the fluff; it may get stuck and then, as DC described it, it is like a strawberry massacre trying to get it out! I have a strawberry flavoured fluff which I received at work, but a plain version is also available which I imagine would be just as tasty.

I've also finally downloaded the Picfx app - it took me absolutely ages to choose filters on Instagram, and now I'm stuck for even more choice! But doesn't the last image look fab?

I am going to be quiet this weekend too; I am attending one of my best friend's wedding and I can not wait! I intend to be very hungover on Sunday so if you do not hear from me, that's why!

Do any of you lovely readers have any quick and easy, but yet scrummy desserts to try? And what do you think to this? For people with an incredible sweet tooth (like me!), I highly recommend it!


Thank you for reading my post, please feel free to leave a comment!

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