Monday, 20 August 2012

Elsham Hall and Gardens

Saturday afternoon, DC suprised me and took me on a secret road trip! After tricking me into thinking it was simply a trip to the petrol station (twice!), we arrived at Elsham Hall, near Brigg, in Lincolnshire.

This is another one of those places I had visited as a child, and I was so happy to find we were going back! The country park, which the Elwes family opened to the public in 1970, consists of acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, complete with animals, roaming peacocks, a quaint gift shop and children's play area, and things were just as I remembered as a kid, only even prettier...

We arrived at the main entrance which leads you into the courtyard; once you have paid your entrance fee (£5.50 per adult, bargain!) and bought your animal and fish feed, you can go on your way.

This is Elsham Hall; unfortunately it is not open to the public, but one day I will have my own estate - don't you think it suits me? (You don't have to answer that...)

This is the beautiful 'Trout Lake'.

All around you will see quaint wooden bridges, however we didn't see any trolls...

This had to be done.

Mud and Stud Cottage was a surprise - one of the things I couldn't remember! It is a cottage dating back to the 1600s and was moved here, piece by piece. Inside you will see an example of how the walls were made in the seventeenth century as well as a very, very old spinning wheel and some old photographs - pretty interesting. And doesn't it just look so picturesque?

And then DC noticed this next to the gorilla, which to be quite honest, is a little bit freaky...

You follow the path round Trout Lake and it leads you to  The Walled Gardens. I love this entrance; the details on the stones, the pattern on the gates, the simplicity of the sign, it's very English country garden, literally!

The aviary, with some very bright budgies indeed!

There was a sign that said 'These animals may bite' but DC decided to give them some grass anyway - but they weren't complaining.

A great use for old watering cans - turn them into a water feature!

In the Walled Gardens, there is a Guinea Pig Village, complete with 'The Guinea Hotel' and 'The Beach Bar', where these two critters wondered out from!

And here are the roaming Peacocks that I mentioned, although Ididn't get to see their stunning parade of feathers...

Onto Butterfly Garden.

Little ducklings swimming behind Duck Island.

And onto Animal Farm... aren't these cuddling rabbits adorable?

It was such a lovely afternoon, and the fact that the Animal Farm rescues animals is just a bonus; it is great to know that he little £5.50 can go towards helping the upkeep of this beautiful place. There are some events going on here in the last few weeks of the summer holidays so take a look at the website for more information - another one of my favourite Lincolnshire places.


  1. It is a most wonderful place ever i had seen and thought of before

    1. It really is beautiful there! Definitely a hidden treasure.
      And thank you very much for reading and commenting! x

  2. Great photos, I haven't been to Elsham since I was little, we used to go and see the lambings. I need to go back for a day of nostalgia, thanks for the prompt :-) xx

    1. Thank you very much, I'm pleased you like them! I hadn't been since I was little but it's still great, just as you remember but prettier! I haven't ever seen the lambings so I think that is a must next year! x

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