Friday, 17 August 2012

Guest Post: Sunny Days and Summer Coolers, by Richie Stamp

It's been a while since I've had a guest post on this blog, and when I saw this on the Delicious Food blog, by the lovely Richie Stamp, I had to have it on mine! 
Richie is the Co-Owner and Chef of Delicious, an eaterie in Scunthorpe, serving everything from tea and cake to slap up meals. The decor is English country kitchen shabby chic, complete with a shop which sells local (Lincolnshire) produce and nice little bits for the home. I went for lunch here back in June with Julia of East Coast Pictures, and Richie sure does serve up some delicious food!
Now that the sunshine is back (for now, at least!) and we are squeezing in those last few summer barbeques and parties, here are some simple yet fun drinks that are bound to have your guests asking for more...

Sunny Days & Summer Coolers

As I write this, the sun is shining and it’s gloriously hot in the garden. I guess my inspiration this week is, what cools you down on sunshine filled days ? My instant thoughts go towards ice-creams and sorbets.
Mmm.... nice cool ice-creams... which takes me onto milkshakes. You can produce your own very tasty milkshakes just by using a quality dairy vanilla ice-cream with your milk and adding wholesome fresh fruits; fresh strawberries, blueberries or raspberries are great flavoursome berries to use, but for a more exotic flavour, add freshly cubed pineapple, mangoes or passion fruits, and remember they are even more exciting for mums & dads by adding some peach schnapps or Malibu.
Fresh fruit smoothies are again another tasty alternative to cooling you down on hot summer days. Using apple juice or orange juice, depending on what your preference is, with some ice. I would use apple juice with any variety of berry or banana, and use orange juice with fruits like mango and pineapple and very possibly cranberries. Again, add just a dash of vodka, with a slice of lime or orange with a good sprig of basil or mint, giving it a good stir and you have a rather nice early evening aperitif. So get your blenders out and be inspired to experiment.
Jellies too are a great cooler, just using a normal jelly from the supermarket. Follow the instructions on the packet for dissolving. Again adding any fresh fruit and a sprig of a fresh herb gives some refreshing flavour. Heating Pimm’s and rose wine are a great alternative liquid to use instead of boiling water. Its great fun, and I hope you all find inspriation in trying out some of my ideas to get you cooled down... truly scrumptious.


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