Monday, 3 September 2012

Instagram (10)

I have had a lovely week off; time with DC's and my own family, fun days out, I've been spoiled! But now it's time to get back to reality, starting with le blog... so here's my fortnightly Instagram post.

1. Celebrating a lovely Saturday (at Elsham Hall) with cava. 2. My new favourite drink, white chocolate and vanilla milk from Marks & Spencer 3. Brandy came to stay for the weekend 4. And she even had a drink at the pub!

5. The stream at Hubbards Hills 6. Love these steps 7. A heart made from rocks in the stream at Hubbards Hills 8. Coddy treating me to a trip on a rowing boat, Cleethorpes Boating Lake.

9. A lazy night in with Pick'n'mix... 10. and Bill & Ted! 11. Jellyfish at The Deep. 12. And scuba divers feeding the sharks and fish!

13 - 15. My new purchases from Meadowhall (courtesy of DC!) Jumpers and skirt from H&M, American goodies and my new 'S' Pandora charm for my Sandy. 16. Coddy found a little frog when gardening.
Please feel free to follow me if you're on Instagram yourself; my username is @LindsayCowie.


  1. American sweets are the best!! Your dog is so cute - we used to have a Retriever but we sadly lost him last year. They are so sweet!!
    Cant beat a night in with Bill & Ted -- classics

    1. Thanks for commenting Vicki, Brandy's not really mine but she is a little cutie, I love her like she is ha! And I love 80s films, I hope they get round to doing Bill and Ted 3 (it has to be as good as the original though!)


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