Monday, 8 October 2012

Chocolate week 2012: Homemade Giant Twix

That's right chocolate lovers, it is officially chocolate week - I hope you have your secret stashes ready!

For those of you that enjoy a spot of baking, here's something you MUST try - a giant Twix.

DC gave this a try a couple of weeks ago for his work's bake off, and it went down a treat (his entry is still being named the winner...). He found the originally recipe here but we had to amend it slightly...

 To begin, this is what you need:

Lots and lots of chocolate, butter, golden syrup, digestives. demerara sugar, condensed milk.

And you will also need a mould to keep the bar in shape; Coddy used shoes boxes, stuck together, lined with tin foil.

Begin by melting half of your chocolate; how much you use depends on the size of your mould, you just need enough to form a layer along the bottom. 

Once all has melted, pour it in and even it out!

Then you need to leave this to set; if you have room, put it in the fridge as it will not take as long.
Next, you have to make the buttery biscuit base (*ahem*); start by crushing the biscuits - again, how many you use depends on the size you are making (we used half a packet).

Put it onto a pan and add melted butter. DC found he needed more than what the recipe suggested, so the best way is to judge it yourself - once the crumbs start sticking together, you're about there!

Mould the crumbs into a rectangle big enough to fill your box. And again, place this into the fridge to allow it to set. Then place it onto the set chocolate, like so...

Next is the tricky part, making the caramel. Neither of us had tried this before but there's a first for everything! And luckily second chances too as our first attempt failed! Melt 100g of butter and sugar and two tablespoons of golden syprup, then add the condensed milk. Keep stirring on a very low heat (as it is very easy to burn) until it is all mixed together. 

 Then pour it onto the buttery biscuit base...

Let it set, melt more chocolate and add it onto the top!

Once all is cool, it should look like one giant chocolate bar...

Sweet, oh so naughty but soooo good!

 And for those who haven't seen it, here is Buttery Biscuit Base!

Video sourced from here

Happy Chocolate Week!


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