Friday, 19 October 2012

Hiatus (again!)

Just a quickie post guys and gals... I am taking a little break again!

I know, I know it seems like I'm doing this a lot recently, but for some reason I have just been full of blogger's block for weeks and can't seem to shift it?! I have a long weekend off work and myself and DC are heading down south so I'm hoping a few days of not thinking of work will help clear my head and inspire me to get blogging.

It's not as if I don't have plans to publish for you all, it's just finding the time! I am actually sticking to my gym routine, going around three times a week plus my Wednesday night Zumba (which I am so proud of!), so by the time I've done that, got home and done what I need to do, it's bed time! And don't even ask me where the weekends go...

So, I shall be back around the middle of next week with, hopefully, my mojo back!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and thank you for your patience! x


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