Monday, 1 October 2012

Instagram (11)

I feel like such a bad little blogger - only four posts in the last two weeks, and three weeks since my last Instagram post?! I just don't know where the time is going?! I must get back into this properly... starting with this Instagram post!

1. A Cleethorpes' retailer proving that apple cider is in fact one of your five a day. 2. Delicious new Lindt chocolate kindly sent to me at work. 3. Breakfast sandwich - sausage, mushroom, beans and egg. 4. Making mojitos on a Saturday night!

5. Getting cosy in front of the fire 6. The Next Christmas preview came to us at work 7. A Saturday night with Cosmo, Company, X Factors, The Avengers and chocolate! 8. New pajamas and slipper booties!

9. Barbeque cheesy chicken with homemade wedges. 10. Homemade cornflake tart (later with custard!) 11. Jelly Belly's Mango candle - it smells beautiful! 12. My first attempt at spicy chicken enchiladas!

13 - 16. New clothes! Raspberry skinny jeans, £11 and navy jeggings £7. Navy skater dress with black lace collar, £15. Peach blouse with gold butterfly print, £12. Burgundy peplum top with black lace neckline, £7. All Primark.


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