Monday, 5 November 2012

Bonfire Night 2012

Last night, DC and I went along to Cleethorpes' Pleasure Island Theme Park along with a couple of friends to watch their annual Firework Spectacular - and it was just that!

Growing up, my Bonfire Nights were spent either in our backgarden for our own private show or along Cleethorpes' beach front to watch the giant bonfire burn and fireworks explode. However, for health and safety reasons, this event no longer takes place (boo!) but luckily, more and more places are hosting their own Guy Fawkes celebrations. Last year I missed out on this - I was too busy watching Britney Spears in Sheffield! - so I had to make up for it this year.

We had a go on a few rides (I'd forgotten how much they turned your belly! It has been years...) and watched the display which really was brilliant. There were fireworks I had never seen before that looked incredible in the night sky, and a soundtrack that definitely set the mood - a mixture of dramatic film scores and modern club classics that made you want to dance! Here's just a few pictures from my Bonfire Night.

Happy Bonfire Night to you all!


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