Friday, 30 November 2012

Stella Artois' Interactive Christmas Ecards

I hope you're all over 18 years of age lovely readers, because this is something you must see!

I found out about this at work on Thursday after receiving a phone call from Stella Artois UK - the brand has created a pretty clever ecard that you can send to loved ones this Christmas. The beautiful actress Alice Eve (from Sex and the City 2 and Men in Black 3), is sent to your recipient's home (thanks to the use of Google Maps) in a very elegant, Christmassy fashion, and perfoms a festive song whilst delivering a personalised message.

Unfortunately I can not embed a video message to you all, but here is a few screen shots to give a little taste...

Firstly, log onto Facebook, go to the Stella Artois UK page and click on Christmas Carole.

Here you can type in your friend or family member's name, address and message, followed by the email address to which to send it. Then, you can watch the result yourself!

You will notice little tokens in the background, like a local street and the town's name on the television, until Carole arrives at her destination. Unfortunately, in the ecard I sent to DC, the house she arrived at was wrong, but is actually just across the road from us, so it is close enough for my liking.

And of course, you can not send one of these unless the recipient is over 18 years old.

I know this may sound a little geeky, but I do love seeing brands and companies doing innovative, creative things, which is why I wanted to share it with you all!


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