Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Young Republic Christmas Guide 2012

 I can't quite believe it, but we are so very close to the final payday before Christmas - argh! Luckily most of my Christmas shopping is done - I just have the odd little bit to do - but I know that there's always something you forget, or something crops up at the last minute...

And this is why Gift Guides are so handy, for when you do need to rush around to find something. I was sent a link to The Young Republic Christmas Guide 2012 and I will admit, I haven't heard of this website before, but I am so pleased I have been introduced.

Young Republic is a site which allows designers to upload their products - clothes, jewellery, homeware - and sell them, meaning they have an abundance of individual pieces which could make great gifts for friends or relatives (or maybe yourself?!). This seems to be an American site, but sellers can dispatch worldwide if they wish - isn't internet shopping a marvellous thing?

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