Monday, 7 January 2013

Instagram (16)

Well, life is well and truly back to normal now; the Christmas break seems so long ago already! This Instagram post features a few images from the past couple of weeks - by the looks of it, I had one massive food fest (although I'm not complaining!) - so here's to remembering good times and looking forward to the year ahead!

1. A little treat... 2. Tasting my tester Yule Log, just to make sure it is right of course ;) 3. Hot chocolate with the trimmings. 4. My lovely prize from Old Fashioned Susie.

5, 6 and 7. Homemade Christmas desserts - Chocolate yule log, Christmas Mess and homemade truffles. 8. My pretty Tinkerball ornament which I received as a gift.

9. Cold recovery - chocolate and an Iron Man marathon. 10. My new book I'm about to start reading. 11 and 12. A cheeky drink in my very cool new glass on NYE and party food for two!

13. Another snazzy glass. 14. The remaining sweets. 15. My sale bargain! Just £89 from Asda. 16. New year fitness inspiration.


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