Monday, 18 February 2013

Daytime Make-up Routine

My beauty product overhaul is in full swing now; not only have I replaced my skincare routine but this weekend, I purchased new make-up which, as far as I can tell, is completely free of nickel and parfum.

I would say I have a very simple daytime look when it comes to make-up; I think, as I have become older, I have come to feel more comfortable in my skin (as imperfect as it is!), and I couldn't feel better about it - no more caking on make-up for me! Of course, I do like to make a little more effort when heading out somewhere nice or going on a night out, but for everyday, when I'm rushing after going to the gym or getting ready for a half-hour walk to work, this is what I like to use.

After going through my daily skincare routine and moisturising, I start by applying my new All in One BB Cream from The Body Shop.

This is Shade 01; it looks very pale but, when applied to the face, it blends to your skintone (I found 02 was too dark for me). It is incredibly light which is great because you can build it up to a medium coverage if you wish, and you do not need a great deal for an initial base.

For bad skin days, I use Collection's Cover Up Stick (which is very creamy) and then apply a light dusting of loose powder. MUA's Matte Perfect Loose Powder is new to my collection and I am really happy with it - it certainly does take away any shine!

Next up is my blusher, which as you will see in the next picture, is very much used! 

I gave Benefit's Bella Bamba a try after becoming massive a fan of Coralista and Posie Tint; this particular blusher has lasted me for about a year and gives a lovely rosey appearance, so it is definitely value for money. Although I must admit, I plan ongoing back to a peachier shade for my next purchase.

I have always been more of an eye person than lip, so out of habit I apply both eyeliner and mascara (unless I am having an extremely lazy day, in which case mascara will simply do). First I apply Rimmels' Glam Eyes liquid eyeliner to create a flick along my top eyelash line, followed by Collection's pencil liner - something I have used for years!

And then, another trusty (and very worn) product - Benefit's Bad Gal Lash mascara.

What initially attracted me to Bad Gal Lash is the brush; compared to others, it is huge! It allows for great coverage on the lashes with minimal clumps. However, I am thinking that I should give Benefit's They're Real mascara a try to see what all of the hype is about...

Finally, the lips. For daytime, Nivea's Soft Rose is very subtle and has definitely worked in keeping my lips soft.

And the look... (excuse the dodgy curtains!)


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