Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Valentine's Gift Ideas

I know Valentine's Day isn't everybody's cup of tea - for a long time I just didn't see why people needed a day to say 'I love you' to people?! But it is just that - one day to be overly romantic and loved up, so why not embrace the scented candles, bouquets of flowers and boxes of delivious chocolates?!

For those who are buying gifts for somebody special this year - friend or more - here are just a couple of ideas to help you spread the love...

1. 'True Love Grows' - a bespoke, handmade paper creation by Paper Heartist, on Facebook and Etsy.
2. 'An Enchanted Rose' - Literay paper rose by Bookish, on
3. 'Happily Ever After' - a rustic heart by Giddy Kipper, on and Facebook
4. 'I Owe You...' - fun and flirty gift vouchers, printable from
5. 'Light up my Life' - mood lighting for a romantic night in, from and on Facebook.
6. 'Dinner and Dancing' - Adele night and a romantic four course meal at the Oaklands Hall Hotel, Grimsby


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