Monday, 15 April 2013

Zumbathon 2013

Attention people of Lincolnshire! In just five days time, you can take part in something very special that will benefit a lot of people, and you can have a great time too - Zumba with Rachel's Charity Zumbathon!

Rachel Blood, who I have blogged about before, is putting on a two hour Zumbathon in aid of two very worthy charities; the 'Cure Muscular Dystrophy' campaign and the Pink Rose Appeal.

Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic condition which affects the muscles; overtime, muscles will gradually become weaker, potentially causing disability and, sometimes, even be life-threatening. There are over 30 types of the condition and the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign is working tirelessly to find a cure and to help those affected by the condition.

The Pink Rose Appeal's aim is raise much needed funding for the Breast Cancer Unit at Grimsby's Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital. The money will be used to maintain and enhance the suite which will help the ever increasing number of referrals and patients.

And you can help by taking part in this event, which takes place on Friday 19th April at the Beachcomber in Cleethorpes from 7.00pm.

What can you expect?.... FUN! And lots of it - whether you are a regular Zumba-goer or just want to do something for charity. Rachel and her team also have a special guest lined up and what's more, there is a theme... Musicals! Attendees can come dressed as a character from any musical - Fame, Chicago, Wicked, Grease, Hairspray... be creative. Plus, the bar will be open and there are prizes to be won on the night.

Tickets are still on sale for £10 and you can find out more information on Rachel's Facebook Page. I really hope I see sme of you there!

And to get you in the mood...

All videos sourced from Zumba with Rachel's Youtube Channel.
More information on the Zumbathon is available on Facebook.
More information on Muscular Dystrophy Campaign is available on the charity's website.
More information on the Pink Rose Suite.


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