Tuesday, 15 October 2013

*Hairstyles for Headscarves with Mizpah Designs

For hundreds of years, women have been wearing headscarves for many different reasons - to keep hair in place, for religion or culture, or simply as an accessory.

In the 1920s, headscarves were worn to cover the head the whole head and tied at the nape of the neck, or were placed just above the brow line and tied around the head, often leaving long tails.

The 1940s brought the 'Land Girl' style which gave a peek of victory rolls, or even hair still in curlers, underneath.

Then came the 1960s, with beehives towering above the headscarf, or worn covering the hair and being tied around the neck.

But over recent years, it seems as though headscarves lost their popularity (with the exception of the bandana in the 1990s). However, when browsing Pinterest, you may notice that headscarves are making an appearance in outfit posts, modelling shots runway photographs, and there are so many ways in which they are being worn.

Sarah Hall is a designer and creator of silk headscarves based in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, and she takes her inspiration from the 1960s: "I bought my first headscarf at 14 and that marked the start of an interest in 60s inspired fashion and styles. I am rarely seen without a headscarf or a 60s twist to my outfit! I think its the effortless glamour, the bold and happy prints, the infusion of 'fun' that marks this era that I like. To me it means freedom of expression, pushing the boundaries and reveling in the creation of something new."

She designs the artwork which is printed onto silk, and ultimately these are sold in her Etsy shop, Mizpah Designs: "My scarves are all made from cotton silk and handstitched. I upload and my designs and get them digitally printed onto the fabric in the US and then shipped over. I then measure, make and sew all the headscarves myself.

"I started Mizpah Designs because I wanted to have a go a something I am really passionate about. Being a wearer of headscarves myself I got bored of buying other people's designs and wanted to wear my own. I am also passionate about products that are unique and meaningful to the person wearing them- I don't want to wear a generic item that 10,000 other people have got, I want to wear something that is unique. I think the best kind of art is art that can be worn- to me fashion is like an art form, a way to express yourself on the outside."

As for how to wear them: "There's lots of ways! They look good over your hair pulled back in a high bun, and they can also look good tied straight across with your hair down in a wavy/boho hairstyle. You can wear them tied in a knot at the front with a high pony tail and styled quiff at the front. They can also be worn over a half beehive up do for a proper 60s look."

Here's how I like to wear mine...

The 60s Look.

After backcombing a section of hair at the crown to create a mini beehive, comb the front sections back over it for a smooth, more polished look. Simply place your headscarf across the base of the bouffant and tie underneath your hair.

The Messy Up-Do.

Pull your hair into a high ponytail (add texture with salt spray if your hair is fine like mine) and place the middle section headscarf around the bottom of the back of your neck with the two ends pulled upwards above your head. Tie the scarf in two knots, then tuck each end under to secure it; taking one end to the left and tucking it under from the front, and the other to the right and tucking it under from the back.

Sarah sells her full rnage of headscarves from her Etsy Shop, and you can find more information at the Mizpah Designs Facebook Page.


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