Saturday, 2 November 2013

Guest Post: Where to eat in Lincolnshire, by Alex & Ben of Snap It. Taste It. Blog It.

 Autumn is always a very exciting time for Lincolnshire - the UK's best food county (as named in the Love British Food poll in 2011!) is just bursting with all kinds of foodie events. It's a great excuse to experience some of the county's best produce, and to visit some of the notable eateries too.

In this guest post, Alex and Ben from the awesome Snap It. Taste It. Blog It. share some of their favourite places to eat in Lincolnshire.

Alex & Ben's Where to Eat in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire has always been a melting pot of incredible produce and delicious food. Now, with such an emphasis of eating healthy and supporting local businesses, eateries in the county have come to the forefront, with incredible results.

Here at Snap it. Taste it. Blog it. we’re always on the hunt for cheap, local and tasty food and, being partly based in Lincolnshire, travelling around the county and discovering the latest flavour is a particular pleasure. There are many more places to unearth, but here’s a sample of some the best local places we’ve come across on our travels so far.

Thatched Cottage 

Low-beamed ceilings, delicious food and outstanding service make The Thatched Cottage in Sutterton one of the best places to eat in South-Lincolnshire. This beautiful restaurant, with a farmshop on site, serves up local produce in a rustic and delightful way, harking back to the traditional days of pub food. Ask for Jason for a truly stellar dining experience.

Sack Store 

The ultimate hidden gem in Boston, Lincolnshire, Sack Store. The quaint restaurant finds its home in the loft of this 19th Century building, the ground floor a labyrinth of every possible home good you could think of. Nearly every aspect of the restaurant is for sale, be that the tables you're eating on or the paintings that decorate the walls. Great food, great prices - the Boston Sausage Panini is a must.

Wig and Mitre  

A historic building at the peak of Lincoln's Steep Hill, the Wig and Mitre is a wonderful place to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With an enthralling atmosphere, this traditional English pub is in the heart of this beautiful city, serving the finest local produce that the county is known for. We prefer the breakfasts in particular - a thick-cut egg and sausage sandwich proves to be the best way to start your day in Lincoln.

Royston’s Deli 

Royston's Deli is a small shop packing big flavour. Found on Queen Street in Louth, this delightful deli has everything from terrines (the ham hock is mind-blowing) and pastries, to pate and freshly-baked bread, all created to perfection by Chris & Roxy. They create a wonderfully familial feel to their establishment, putting as much effort into their craft as they do making sure their customers are happy coming in and leaving the shop. Don’t go without trying the chocolate brownies.

To read more about Alex and Ben's foodie travels, visit their blog at


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